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We are in the midst of a global public health crisis and it is touching all of us. Everyone is affected and everyone is involved. It’s a crisis for all humanity. And that’s why Hyundai Motor is actively joining the global effort to combat the virus. This is not just our choice. It’s our responsibility.

Our sincerest gratitude goes to those on the front line who are making great sacrifices to combat the disease. We stand in solidarity with all healthcare professionals and volunteers and recognise how invaluable their contribution is in this intense time. To assist their global effort, we are offering fleets of vehicles to key workers to keep them moving safely, when they need it most.


Our hearts also go out to all those whose health has been directly affected by the virus as well as their careers, families and friends. The pandemic has hit some areas particularly badly, and we are working closely with governments to support people who have been affected the most. In these key areas we are offering the aid that communities need most: donations, medical equipment, and PPE (personal protection equipment).

Our thoughts also go out to anyone struggling indirectly from the effects of the virus. We know that this is affecting not just our health, but our daily routines, family life, jobs, financial stability, and crucially, our mental health. For us, all of these concerns are important and worthy of our attention.
Regarding our customers, we understand the financial burdens and mobility limitations that people are now facing. We have therefore launched programs and initiatives to specifically take care of our customers during this difficult time.
For our employees across the globe, we are committed to creating a safe working environment. Their health and safety are paramount, and we are strictly observing government guidelines to keep them safe.

With these safety measures in place, we will continue to serve the mobility needs of people all across the globe. The world may have temporarily stopped moving, but seamless mobility has never been vital. We will work closely with our partners and governments to keep essential goods and people moving safely.

We are encouraged to see that everyday scientists and governments are discovering and implementing effective ways to tackle COVID-19 and we believe that by continuing to act together, we can overcome this crisis. In the meantime, as a company Hyundai Motor will continue to join the global COVID-19 effort, taking and supporting actions to solve this crisis for all humanity.

Our Efforts around the World

As of 9 April, we have taken the following measures. For as long as the pandemic poses a serious threat to humanity, we will roll them out, as well as adding new measures. We are offering help on both a global and local community level.


People’s safety is paramount to us and we are making it possible for employees to work from home, in accordance with government guidelines.
We are also providing disinfection of buildings and providing sanitisation items where available. For our customers, we have rolled out the ‘Hyundai C A R E’ warranty extension program and have created a digital showroom and provide online booking wherever possible.
Recently we released the digital film - #ThisIsUs - to raise spirits and celebrate the courage, resilience and caring acts of people around the world in response to the crisis. The film is available to watch here.


In China we have delivered emergency supplies and donated to various medical facilities in the worst affected areas. In Korea, we have offered our training centres to be used as treatment facilities during the pandemic. On a wider level, we are offering free car disinfection services to all car owners, regardless of the brand. In our support for the mobility industry in these uncertain financial times, we have sped up payments to small and medium suppliers. Finally, in India we have donated test kits imported from Korea, given financial aid to the Public Relief Fund and supplied ventilators in partnership with local vendors.


In Brazil, we have launched the Hyundai Solidarity Transport program, offering free transportation for the elderly and healthcare professionals. We are also providing cars and supplies to medical teams as well as 3D printing acrylic masks to support the city of Piracicaba.
Across the United States, we have re-launched the Hyundai Assurance Job Loss Protection program to help those financially affected by the virus. We have also created a ‘Hyundai Hope on Wheels’ fund for children’s hospitals to support drive-thru testing across the U.S. Finally, in Canada we are helping the youth affected by COVID-19 by donating to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Emergency Relief Fund.


Across Europe, we have been providing vehicle fleets to people in need. In Czech Republic, Poland and Spain they are being given to hospitals and healthcare facilities. In the UK our fleets are being given to volunteers and self-isolating customers. In France and Czech we are giving respirators and financial aid to governments as well as communities. In many countries, including Russia, Slovakia, U.K we are now using our social media accounts to deliver important health and safety messaging to the public.


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