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#Thisisus. Humanity prevails.

Humanity prevails.


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There is one thing that COVID-19 has reminded us all and it’s that we are undeniably human. Perhaps in our pre-pandemic lives, we were so busy thinking and doing, we just forgot.

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Through every crisis and catastrophe, drought and disaster, there is something about dark times that brings our most human behavior to the light. Tough times have always revealed the spectrum of human experience, good and bad. Let’s be honest. We have cried. We have moaned. We have mourned holidays lost and plans unfulfilled. We’ve been scared, greedy and confused. We’ve binged on chocolate, movies and toilet roll. We’ve experienced real loss and genuine loneliness, sometimes for the very first time.

It’s as if a mirror has been held up to the world, for us to reflect on who we humans really are. Strong, yet at the same time, surprisingly fragile.

But this period has revealed far more than our human emotions, traits and vulnerabilities. It has revealed our humanity. In the past weeks and months, we have witnessed unimaginable acts of kindness and bravery, fueled by our instinctive desire to help each other.

Humanity is here. A double hospital shift, a care package, a handwritten note to the lady next door. Humanity is a smile amongst a sea of anxious faces. It’s connecting with family or cooking extra for a friend. It’s putting aside old arguments and realizing what’s important.
Humanity is taking a minute to find out how someone really is. Across the world, we’ve seen communities coming together to do all of these things. To help or raise spirits. We’ve surprised ourselves with our own humanity.

Humanity-prevails humanity is here

So, where do we progress from here?

Being human is a given. But keeping our humanity is a choice. What kind of world do we choose to create now? This is our moment of change. The perfect time to decide who we want to be, where we’re headed and how we want to progress.
The virus has touched us all. But if we’re all affected, we’re also all involved. This is an invitation not only to work together but create something better together.
We have seen how our creativity prevails in a time of crisis. And it doesn’t have to stop here. This time is our blank canvas. Our moment of opportunity. To find new ways to progress. For All Humanity.

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