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The All-New

Watch the live reveal of
the all-new Elantra

The world premiere will take place at 7 p.m. PST on Mar. 17 in Hollywood, California and will be livestreamed around the world.


Ambitious ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design theme

The all-new Elantra showcases a ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design theme that accentuates its progressive and exotic character. Cutting edge engineering solutions and design innovations actualize the polyhedral appearance. Having three lines meet at one point is the main element of ‘Parametric Dynamics’. This formation is a daring challenge, which has been avoided in car design, marking Elantra’s “disrupter-spirit”.
elantra exterior

Envelops the driver like
an airplane cockpit

The ‘Immersive Cocoon’ interior layout creates a driver-focused user experience. Low and wide structures go from the door and connect all the way to the center console, while the large interface consisting of two harmoniously integrated displays elevates the racing-inspired feel of the car.
elantra interior
notice close