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Cropped view of center console


i20 knows what exactly comfort means


Top view of white i20 parallel parking with front and rear parking assist system

Front & rear parking assist system (PAS)

Parking has never been so easy! Front & rear parking assist system (PAS) ensures safe and hassle-free parking with ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers, which warn the driver both audibly and visually when obstacles are near the bumper while parking.
Rear camera display system on rear view mirror

Rear camera display (RCD) system

Like having eyes at the back of your head. Rear camera display (RCD) system improves the rear-view visibility and assists the driver in detecting objects while reversing, and is especially helpful during nighttime driving and reverse parking.
Navigation system

Navigation system

Seamlessly integrated easy-to-use navigation system features a 7" color LCD touch screen and hands-free Bluetooth™ system.
Full auto air conditioning system

Full auto air conditioning system

The full auto air conditioning system allows you to set your desired temperature, and the system will take care of the rest. What's more, you can keep the windows clear anytime with the auto-defog function.
Smart Key and Engine start and stop button

Smart key & Engine start / stop button

Keyless push button starting is possible when smart key is on board with you, be it in your pocket or your bag.
Audio system

Audio system (Radio / CD / MP3)

Enjoy listening to the radio or play your favorite music with i20's high quality audio system.
Dash-top docking system

Dash-top docking system

Smartphone docking station safely holds your smart phone while charging the battery and is in a perfect position for using the phone as a navigation and playing your favorite music.
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AUX and USB ports

Connectivity (AUX and USB)

AUX and USB ports provide easy connectivity for your favorite music files stored in all kinds of portable devices including your smart phone and MP3 player. Just plug and play, on the move.
Both manual tilt and telescopic power steering wheel

Manual tilt & telescopic power steering wheel

The steering column features manual telescopic and tilt adjustment for both reach and rake, promising you the most comfortable driving position.
Rear view mirror

Rain sensor

The rain sensor automatically activates the wipers upon rain detection and adjusts the wiper frequency according to the intensity of the rain.
Supervision cluster with color TFT LCD

Supervision cluster with color TFT LCD

i20's supervision cluster is a highly intuitive integrated information system with color TFT LED panel that promises you optimal visibility and safety. The cluster carefully and ergonomically designed for you featuring easy-to-read dials and eye-soothing blue LED illumination.

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